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Nature's Own Cosmetics

This will be a brief of my journey as a Graphic Designer at Nature's Own Cosmetics, a dynamic private label cosmetic company dedicated to crafting natural and sustainable beauty products.

While working there, I've had the privilege of contributing my creative talents to elevate the brand presence and visual identity of Nature's Own Cosmetics. My role was diverse and multifaceted, involving various aspects of visual design and brand communication. Collaborating closely with external clients, product development, and sales teams, I was responsible for:

  1. Collaborating with external clients to build tailored branding and marketing strategy

  2. Designing packaging artwork, labels, and promotional materials that reflected the brand's commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable practices.

  3. Creating visually appealing product mockups and digital renderings to showcase new product launches and marketing campaigns.

  4. Developing social media graphics, email newsletters, and website visuals to enhance online brand presence and engage with customers..

  5. Contributing to the development of brand guidelines and style manuals to maintain consistency across all visual assets and communication channels.

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